Cameran – A Caesarean

The debut album from Austria’s Cameran, A Caesarean, sounds like a high-energy spinoff of an aggressive minded Rage Against the Machine and a stripped down version of Tool done through a post-hardcore type mentality. Cameran creates music that delicately hints at elements of prog but never fully delves into its noodling aspects. It’s music that […]

Lola Ray – Liars

After just a chorus and a bridge, clicking into the skip-along bounces of “Officer & A Gentlemen,” it was not a surprise to see that the Cali-to-Brooklyn band Lola Ray had fans across the pond at BBC. Had it not been for the press release stating their country of origin, it would be easy to […]

MSTRKRFT – The Looks

Other than being a side project of Death From Above 1979, there isn’t much to say about MSTRKRFT on their debut album The Looks. Except if the missing vowels in their name is bothersome. The Toronto duo, DFA79 producer Al-P and bassist JFK (Jesse F. Keeler), ditch the noisy dance punk of DFA79 in favor […]

Muse – Black Holes & Revelations

Muse‘s new album gets straight to the effin’ point. Allow me to do the same: the first four tracks are the four best tracks on the album. Am I the only one who didn’t really get into the Muse craze before? For whatever reason, Absolution and its predecessors just didn’t quite do it for me. […]

The Living Blue – The Three Elements Fire Blood and Water

The Living Blue is a four-piece from Champaign, IL that assembles poppy, stripped down rock covering all the bases of southern-style, blues-driven garage, delivered through a relentlessly scaling, Richard Hell/Johnny Thunders-reminiscent whine of strings and served up with an infectious, piercingly melodic vocal track that bears a range and power invoking Dramarama’s finer moments. Kaffeine […]