Cadence – Songs of Vice and Virtue

Straight off the streets of Tennessee is where you can find Cadence. He’s been at the game for six years, earning ranks as Nashville’s underground hip-hop hero. With his major debut release Songs of Vice and Virtue he’s letting everybody know that he must have come from a very small pond. With mediocre beats and […]

MC Lars – The Graduate

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that MC Lars really works for Clear Channel. This guy is a perfect example of everything that’s so wrong in the music industry today. Within minutes of listening to his album “The Graduate” you can feel the exploitation just sinking in. First of all, if this guy […]

Sparks – Hello Young Lovers

Starting off with an ironic twist within the operatic opening track, “Dick Around” and the cover art, a cluster of bunnies to visually present the album’s title Hello Young Lover, is evidence that the Sparks still have, well, more than a spark of ingenuity and a biting sense of humor.

Various Artists – Hard Truth Soldiers, Volume 1

Bay Area Rapper/Producer Paris has long been regarded as the keeper of the Funk. Not California’s ever-popular G-Funk, but actual 70’s era Funk-inspired concoctions. The reason why he hasn’t gone down in the pantheon of Rap’s elite is because many couldn’t handle the no-holds-barred revolution of his gangstafied rhyme style. With this Hard Truth Soldiers, […]

Various Artists – Mile High Breakout Volume 1: The Best In Colorado Hip Hop

This compilation Mile High Breakout Volume 1: The Best In Colorado Hip Hop, presented by, contains tracks that are blended up nicely by DJ Mike Czech and offer a nice introduction to those who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Colorado hip-hop. Featured artists are as varied as D.O. The Fabulous Drifter, […]

The Dresden Dolls – Bringing Performance Art Back to Rock and Roll

photo credit: jim narcy, taken at SXSW ’06 In the sea of bands that infiltrated Austin the week of SXSW, The Dresden Dolls commanded everyone’s attention when they performed at Stubbs under the nighttime sky. Introducing songs from their spanking new sophomore release, Yes, Virgina, lead singer/pianist Amanda Palmer and drummer/guitarist Brian Viglione mesmerized and […]

Friends With Money (Nicole Holofcener)

Friends with Money

Friends With Money (Nicole holofcener) The term “money doesn’t buy happiness” is the main fixture within this biting, bittersweet comedy by director, Nicole Holofcener, which takes place in the appropriate SUV/house-with-a-maid landscape of Los Angeles. From the opening scene, we soon find out that Jennifer Aniston’s character, Olivia, is the lone friend in the group […]