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Cadence – Songs of Vice and Virtue

Straight off the streets of Tennessee is where you can find Cadence. He’s been at the game for six years, earning ranks as Nashville’s underground hip-hop hero. With his major debut release Songs of Vice and Virtue he’s letting everybody know that he must have come from a very small pond. With mediocre beats and biting the rap styles of Eminem and Kanye West, he might want to consider just focusing on the confused fan base in Nashville, instead of trying to impress people that are exposed to artists that possess originality.


After listening to the whole album, is seems clear that Cadence really wants a R&B career but is too afraid to mention it. With his striking K-Fed looks, it’s obvious that his fan base must be all female. This actually explains why his album is so soft. He has a couple of songs that talk about how great he is and then the rest of the album has him swooning to the ladies. As if that wasn’t enough, he decided to put excerpts throughout the album of him singing as a small child. If you’re into the underground, then you know that’s not what it’s about.

Although Songs of Vice and Virtue was put together well and it isn’t the worst music I’ve ever heard, it’s still not something that I feel needs to be copped. It’s obvious that Cadence needs to grow up and figure out who he wants to be before he tries this again. The talent is there, but it’s currently being drowned by his musical influences. The world doesn’t need a white Kanye, we like the black one just fine.


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