Imogene – Imogene

I shouldn’t write reviews when I’m tired and cranky, but then I’d only write while drunk and that turns out bad for other reasons. It’s just that when I’m in a poor mindset I tend to be unnecessarily cruel. So I’m going to try to be as even-handed as possible, but I’m listening to Imogene’s […]

Lagwagon – Resolve

“It’s new, it’s improved, it’s old-fashioned…” Yes, I did just quote Tom Waits in the context of a Lagwagon review. Why? Well, Lagwagon is the original Fat Wreck Chords band, the one you can blame for thousands of imitators and possibly even that nasal, high-school smart-ass voice. So even when there’s a new record claiming […]

The Rakes – Retreat

The Rakes - Retreat

We all put our own slant on song lyrics. My own hang ups on aging likely color a slight uneasiness when listening to newer bands like Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, the Cribs, etc- is this suited to me? While The Rakes Retreat EP can surely be found alongside these cds in many collections (including my […]