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Silver Sunshine – A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit

Some band names are obscure, some laughable (metal bands with snot, blood, and dead baby references always make me giggle) and in the case of Silver Sunshine, quite fitting indeed. Since their self-titled debut EP a year ago the band has continued their sandy psychedelic stretch down Coronado, packing fab-five passion into tracks like “Waiting for the Sun” and a bit of Stone Roses wha-wha bleariness in the instrumental “Hiroshima Never Again.”

If you’re watching old re-runs of Ed Sullivan or the den of debauchery on Hugh Heffner’s Playboy talk show, you may recognize the love and peace feeling in “She’s the Reason,” complete with the headband and flowered affects.


On their new full-length, A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit, “Another Day” reflects another facet to Silver Sunshine’s style while still retaining their love of harmony and warmth, rolling out layers of symphonic beauty.

This Small Pocket of Pure Spirit will slide nicely next to my Quarter After, Nightingale, Primal Scream, Stone Roses and Brian Jonestown Massacre babies.


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