Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine

Jimmy Pop – lyrical genius, sick bastard, and one who has a secret man-crush on David Gahan. As the front dude for Bloodhound Gang, Mr. Pop is really like no other; a man with a message that’s slathered with Brill Cream and K-Y, and for good measure, a nitrous balloon chaser. He’s loved by many, […]

The Coral – The Invisible Invasion

With The Invisible Invasion, The Coral release their fourth studio album since 2002. These six lads from the western, seaside town of Holylake, England return with their signature neo-psychedelic, Brit-pop wholesome goodness. From Echo and the Bunnymen, the Moody Blues and Syd Barrett era to Pink Floyd, the Doors, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and even Madness […]

Hey Willpower – Dance

Every sound or type of music has its place. Given the relative nature of music appreciation, every song ever recorded has the opportunity to find its true relevance. Some songs are best suited for road trips, adventures in public transportation, or clean-up time. Some only make for good background music on a romantic stay at […]

I Am The Avalanche – I Am The Avalanche

There are various ways to relieve tension and stress. You could kick the dog, drive real fast, go drinking, sleep with strangers, dive into a pint of Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche, play X-Box high on Red Bull for 24-hours straight, or ask your doctor to prescribe a pill with side affects that are worse than […]

We Are Wolves – Our Friends Electric

Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Deux (“Non-Stop I Fold You Into Two”) is the freshman LP from Montreal electro/punk trio We Are Wolves. Set to tour the US for the second time with The Gossip, Denver has the pleasure of hosting the first gig on October 14th (at Larimer Lounge). With gleeful anticipation, Kaffeine Buzz […]