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Hey Willpower – Dance

Every sound or type of music has its place.

Given the relative nature of music appreciation, every song ever recorded has the opportunity to find its true relevance. Some songs are best suited for road trips, adventures in public transportation, or clean-up time. Some only make for good background music on a romantic stay at home date-night, or when a fully nude stripper is doing “the helicopter” on a greasy brass pole at (insert sketchy club name here.)


Hey Willpower’s latest E.P. titled Dance finds its niche somewhere in the latter.

The lyrics are primarily about partying or having sex, or a combination of the two. One line claims that “you will melt in my hand like a Krispy-Kreme doughnut.” If you’ve ever eaten a Krispy-Kreme doughnut, you know that it is a sticky, messy enterprise that makes for one hell of a sexual metaphor.

The idea for Dance was spawned in San Francisco after a night of listening to the Mariah Carey/Busta Rhymes collaboration “I know what you want.” It turned into a conceptual album made by a hip-hop lovin’ white guy (see cover art) and some remnants of Imperial Teen. Consisting of four fast songs, the beats are tight and snappy with plenty of synthesizer melodies to go around.

Hey Willpower lacks any pretense whatsoever (see cover art again) and does not want to send you on an ethereal journey to anywhere or change your life in some deeply profound way. They don’t want you to stand around with a smug “too cool for school” look on your face. They just want you to dance, dance, dance.


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