Boom Bap Project – Reprogram

Rhymesayers is the new Def Jam. This isn’t to say that Def Jam is obsolete, or that those cats from Minnesota are on some copy-cat shit! Rather, it’s to say that if you’re looking for good rap music in this day and age, you know you’re going to get some quality joints if it’s got […]

Cantona – A Sort of Smile

According to Webster’s New College Dictionary, ‘Canton’ is universally a term used to divide and separate into regions, to assign quarters, label divisions, and with Cantona it is no exception. Unfortunately, the region they must be relegated to is one crammed with a myriad of bands, all good enough to record an album, but still […]

I Self Devine – Self Destruction

I Self Devine is no stranger to struggle. From the streets of L.A. (Compton, Watts and South Central all played a part in his upbringing) most days it was a major challenge to simply survive, especially after his father left him and his mother on a Christmas day when Devine was only eight years old.

The Ninth Day (Volker Schlondorff)

The Ninth Day

The Ninth Day (Volker Schlondorff) The Ninth Day is a story about a Luxembourg priest who, after slaving away at the Dachau labor camp, is released to return home and persuade the bishop of Luxembourg to back the Germans. This is a little talked about subject, but the Pope during WWII kept fairly silent about […]

HorrorPops – Beating People to the Punch


When thinking of a name like HorrorPops one might picture violent tootsie pops bent on world domination. However, totalitarian candy is the last thing on the minds of those who know of the Denmark six piece. The distinct genuine new wave rockabilly has almost a gravitational pull to its unique styling. This rockabilly group has […]

Rufio – The Comfort of Home


I don’t care what popular opinion says, I’m not a fan of this band or this album. Yeah, the guitars might be ridiculously fast in some parts; yeah, they might be masters of their instruments and have a deep sense of who they are and where they want to go musically; sure, their last album […]