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Baby Face: The Uncensored Version (Alfred E. Green)

Baby Face: The Uncensored Version

Baby Face: The Uncensored Version (Alfred E. Green) Now here is a film that has it all: Sex, murder, Nietzsche, and sex. It was billed Barbra Stanwyck and Thirteen Men.

Made in 1933, this was as racy as it gets. Well, it didn’t get to be as racy as it wanted to be. A board of censor and studio heads made some big changes before it was released. Only recently was the lost footage discovered and pieced together resulting in far more daring work.

In case you never seen it before, this is story of a girl sleeping her way to the top. Of course the sex is suggested, this is 1933 we are talking about but it is this creative suggesting that makes it feel more naughty. She is reading Nietzsche’s Will to Power and decides that she can get anything she wants from men and why the hell not. So she does and does. She does it well too.

A real climbing-the-ladder-girl, she starts off in the mail room and quickly rises, leaving behind love struck ex-bosses crying themselves crazy. She makes it all the way to the head of bank, twice, and she is rolling in paper.

In the censored version they cut out the Nietzsche and replace it with good old fashion lame morals which spoil the fun.

Free from the confines of morality in the editing machine, she reminds me of Lil’ Kim. She knows what men want and she exploits it to the fullest. Both divas love the jewels, the hair and clothes. As a note: if you are in or pursuing a career in jewelry, hair, or clothes then this film could be you next inspiration. These people look good and they are doing bad things. It’s up to you if that’s bad meaning good or bad meaning bad.

Three showing only at the Starz FilmCenter, Sat July 16th 4:00 & 7:00pm, and Sun. July 17, 2:00pm


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