GZR – Ohmywork

Once upon a time in the annals of rock history, there was a man named Terry “Geezer” Butler, who, along with his friends John, Tony and Bill, became 20th-century legends. They pounded and plodded through a haunting sludge of aural darkness under the moniker of Black Sabbath, forever leaving an indelible mark on the face […]

Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams

Listening to Jack Johnson is like living in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It’s sunny, bright, inoffensive, sandy and bland. But in between the barefoot-surfer love songs about mango trees and banana pancakes, on In Between Dreams Johnson actually tries for some social commentary, and not just via the “1% for the planet” sticker on the […]

Lint! – Sexyharassment

One of the worst questions to ever ask a band is: “How do you classify your sound?” It’s like asking an ugly person if they think they’re attractive. According to Denver-based band Lint’s press release, they describe themselves as “80s-influneced electro-retard rock.” This statement couldn’t be a more precise picture of their sound. Lint’s latest […]

Moby – Hotel

Funny thing about getting older, you not only learn more about the world around you and yourself, but your senses become more acute as years turn to knowledge that turn to a heightened sense of awareness. This has happened for Moby who has used the metaphor of a hotel to describe the essence of a […]

zZz – Sound of zZz


zZz is a gimmicky duo from Amsterdam: drums and electric organ combining to make what at times sounds like trendy ’80s throwback synth-rock with a wink and a smirk, and at other times full-on spookified electronica fit for a goth-club dance floor. A good portion of my time listening to zZz was spent trying to […]