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Lint! – Sexyharassment

One of the worst questions to ever ask a band is: “How do you classify your sound?” It’s like asking an ugly person if they think they’re attractive. According to Denver-based band Lint’s press release, they describe themselves as “80s-influneced electro-retard rock.” This statement couldn’t be a more precise picture of their sound.

Lint’s latest release on PandaCandy Records, sexyharassment, is a ridiculous blast of cracked-out energy, heavy on the keyboards and the immaturity. Jason McDaniel and Arlo White lay random vocals over up-tempo beats like they have adult onset ADD, with each track being short, sweet, and to the point. Nothing about sexyharrassment makes sense, and that’s the way they like it.


I’m reminded of the randomness present in Beck’s earlier work (“One Foot in the Grave” or “Mellow Gold”), as Lint cuts and pastes their lyrics together to form hilarious takes on things like band t-shirts and supermodels. When I hear Lint, I wonder if The Cars ever made a guest appearance on Miami Vice, because if they did, this is what it would sound like.

I would hope that Lint is as attractive live as they sound are recorded. I’d like to see Lint throw down with White Girl Lust at Club Smash sometime soon and make the kids dance. Maybe throw Magic Cyclops in the middle and make it a sandwich. Yummy!


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