Deep Thinkers – Necks Move

Deep Thinkers are an outfit out of Kansas City, MO; ya know, the home of the notorious Tech Ni9e? However, contrary to the popularity of the infamous Blood-gone-good’s grimy gangsta/ hatchet man music, the guys from Thinkers bring a decidedly more Bay area by way of New York boom bap sound and lyricism to their […]

Hater – The 2nd

Soundgarden side-project Hater proudly and belatedly offers a sequel to its self-titled ’94 debut called The 2nd; and a hauntingly fierce return of Chewbacca-Sasquatch Rock it is, baby! This re-generation of raw power welcomes us back to the Pacific NW garage-blues simplicity and intensity that spawned almost everything we came to know for well over […]

Kanda – All Good Meetings Are Taken

I love pop music. Better yet, I love crappy pop music. Give me NSYNC, JoJo, Britney Spears, or anything of that nature and I will shake my way-past-middle-school-age ass all night long. (I even have a great case for why Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography was possibly the best album of 2004, but I won’t go into […]

The Sights – The Sights

Upon inserting their self-titled disc, one could take The Sights for a White Stripes rip-off band, being from Detroit and all, but to not move past the first track would be to do this band a massive injustice. There’s a taste of Jack White in Eddie Baranek’s vocals, to be sure, but there’s a whole […]

Sin City (Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez)

Sin City (2005, Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez) Frank Miller is one of my favorite visual artists in any medium, and Robert Rodriguez has continued to impress me since I saw El Mariachi in a high school Spanish class (thank you, Sra. Bradford!), so I will admit right away that you are not going to get a […]

Veda – This Broken City


I always feel special when I purchase or am given something that is “Limited Edition.” It’s like having 1 of only 500,000 of an EP or LP makes it special, or gives it extra meaning or something. Generally though, one visit to EBay will quickly quash any thoughts that what I have is “Special.” (It’s […]