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Veda – This Broken City


I always feel special when I purchase or am given something that is “Limited Edition.” It’s like having 1 of only 500,000 of an EP or LP makes it special, or gives it extra meaning or something. Generally though, one visit to EBay will quickly quash any thoughts that what I have is “Special.” (It’s kind of like the time I found out that I was just one of a million other fools with a copy of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers LP complete with working zipper.) Still, when I received the “Limited Edition Tour EP” This Broken City from Kansas City-based rockers Veda, I became giddy with the idea that I was special enough to receive one of these fine pressings.

The most intriguing part of Veda’s sound is the vocals the light and airy vocals of Kristen May, which are no doubt stellar, but I can’t help thinking that she is just a less accomplished version of the now defunct Denali’s Maura Davis. Instrumentally, Veda definitely has it together, most notably heard in their guitar sound, an equally solid mesh of both May and guitarist Brian Little. Each song is tightly wound in a neat little package, humming and buzzing with alternative fervor that’s pleasantly enjoyable.


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