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Hater – The 2nd

Soundgarden side-project Hater proudly and belatedly offers a sequel to its self-titled ’94 debut called The 2nd; and a hauntingly fierce return of Chewbacca-Sasquatch Rock it is, baby! This re-generation of raw power welcomes us back to the Pacific NW garage-blues simplicity and intensity that spawned almost everything we came to know for well over a decade in popular music.


Whether you’re trying to stay on your feet on the sweaty floor of a sold out gig, attempting to surf in the frigid waters off Port Angeles, tripping on shrooms in the Olympic Mountains or just smoking a joint and playing a guitar on the shore of Lake Union, your whole experience with this record will be a virtual vacation to the monster/mountain man psych-rock of Washington–the state…the other capital…of rock.

This all-star jam is the musical collaboration of Ben Shepherd (guitar, piano), Matt Cameron (drums, Moog) and Alan Davis (bass). Those of you who recognize those legendary names know exactly what you are in for: an album that chronicles an entire generational history of music.

Shepherd takes the brunt of vocal credit, and it is fantastic material, but the mic is passed through every hand on the record, which keeps this masterpiece more than interesting. Special appearances also include John Mcbain and Brian Wood—original members of Hater—as well as Bill Rieflin (Ministry, REM) and Greg Keplinger (Red Dress).

Listen. Just buy this record and know that the magic still lurks in America’s upper left. You can trust us.


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