Blueprint – 1988

Former frontman for Weightless and Soul Position cohort with RJD2, Blueprint goes solo with 1988—and I’m not quite sure… This starts out with some old-school beats and an onslaught of “one-two one-two keepin’ on” kinda stuff. Sounds like another attempt at a modern day classic, but I can’t tell that it’s intentional, except that he […]

Over It – Silverstrand

No one ever wants to admit it – thanks largely to that godawful Michael Jackson cover and the fact that, on the whole, they were total wankers as people – but Alien Ant Farm had some good songs (go on, admit it – you liked “Movies” a little bit…). So don’t automatically recoil in horror […]

d. biddle: So Much More Than Lowercase Letters

It has been said that Denver is the biggest small town one will ever encounter. True Mile High natives may be hard to come by, but chances are, there is definitely less than six degrees between you and your garbage man. Something that naturally comes to a town of this caliber is a high circulation […]