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Danny Howells – Global Underground #027: Miami

It’s time for a dose of Spring fever. Daylight savings time is just around the corner, we experienced 72 degrees on Tuesday (if you don’t count the snow on Wednesday and Thursday), skirt and sandal fashions have overtaken the sweaters and snow apparel, and it’s all perfect timing for a warm and inviting release like Danny HowellsMiami. Right off the bat, I appreciate any DJ who not only flees from jumping someone else’s train, like the many that continue to hit towns with an overflowing cargo of redundancy. But here’s a guy that’s laid his own tracks (no pun, really) built for a shiny and unique type of funky locomotion.


“Road Through The Rain” takes one back to the balmy nights at Kelly’s Mission Rock (a favorite dance haunt in San Francisco that’s located right on the bay) with a glowing warmth of rum in a chilled-out glass, dripping with cool water. The journey continues to “The Hills of Katmandu” with exotic textures, hypnotic swirls surrounding tripped-out drums. Then it’s time to “Boogie Down” with a ride that leads to CD2 the second leg of the trip.

Throughout the Miami experience, Howells keeps one intrigued through a slightly different take on the dirty, deep house breaks and bleeping techno groove at every turn, while weaving a common thread of sunshine and a feeling of being completely carefree. So when you’re stressing out from the overwork/underpaid scenario, your working on your tax return, waiting on hold for Qwest Customer Service, or Murphy is wielding his law in your face, look to Dr. Howell to save you from a variety of prescription solutions. His cure is much more fun and is free from those pesky and embarrassing side effects. I mean really, who wants to experience severe diarrhea when you can just dance?


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