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Over It – Silverstrand

No one ever wants to admit it – thanks largely to that godawful Michael Jackson cover and the fact that, on the whole, they were total wankers as people – but Alien Ant Farm had some good songs (go on, admit it – you liked “Movies” a little bit…). So don’t automatically recoil in horror to hear that Over It sound like the bastard Drive Thru Records-listening son of Alien Ant Farm and Jimmy Eat World.

They’re coming from an emotional pop-punk angle but there’s a fair amount of anthemic rock action thrown in so Silverstrand’s overall sound is very glossy, very clean and, predictably, very safe. They occasionally speed up into Warped Tour territory (they’re actually regulars on the tour) – the hectic galloping punk of “Ignore The Noise” for example – but by and large this is one that’ll be real popular with the tight T-shirt-wearing teens who dig the hordes of bands that label themselves punk but belong more in a pop-rock category.


If you have a gang of buddies who want to drive around ‘in the summer sun having all manner of wholesome fun,’ buy this as your soundtrack. Within ten minutes you’ll all be singing along to lyrics like “I’m your first kiss, back for a repeat offense / When I get back we’re getting serious… not!” and “Check out the sound in my headphones/ Think of the springtime near my home.”

For anyone looking for something a little more unsavory, be warned, you could take these boys home to your parents and they’d be stoked.


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