Panthers – Things Are Strange

Power house drumming, fuzzy lint-covered brash guitar, bullhorn whooping lyrics and stabilizing bass are what compile to result in the Pathers latest release, Things Are Strange, released on Vice Records. A tad Jesus Lizard, a bit Tool, this five-piece from Brooklyn is heavy, almost hardcore, not too garage or punk. By avoiding any major genre […]

The Stereotypes – 2

The Stereotypes

Song lyrics are funny things. They can remind us of a specific person, or place, or time in our lives. I remember the first time I heard Jack White utter the words, “Soft hair and a velvet tongue, I wanna give what you give to me…And every breath that is in your lungs is a […]

Son, Ambulance – Key

Son, Ambulance

One of Saddle Creek’s newer investments, Son, Ambulance, has released a record that’s like buttered toast: plain, but still mildly satisfying. Key is a record of mostly piano, layered vocal and instrumental tracks, and simple vocals courtesy of singer/songwriter Joe Knapp. Tracks like “Billy Budd” are reminiscent of Cursive and hint at the new conglomerate […]

Sons of Armageddon – The Softest Touch

Sons of Armageddon

Sons of Armageddon is a collection of seven Denver musicians who create a jazz-driven mash of analog/electronic experimentalist funk-improv-dancehall-hop. Sounds loop and lull, with samples and vocals intermitting, occasional horns, and even a fair display of turnrtablism. Improv is obviously a big part of this; and is achieved stunningly. Innumerable sounds emit from seemingly fabricated […]

Lucero – Songs Spilling Over a Whiskey Buzz

Ben Nichols: guitar & vocalsBrian Venable: guitarJohn C. Stubblefield: bassRoy Berry: drums. Ben Nichols of Lucero smokes Marlboro Reds and wears worn white T-shirts with Levi’s and cowboy boots. In other words, he looks just like he sounds, right down to the tattoos. He says “Thankyouverymuch,” in a voice that oozes Memphis, Elvis, Jack Daniels, […]

The Futureheads

The Futureheads are a four-piece post-punk band from Sunderland, England. The band consists of Barry Hyde (guitar), Ross Millard (guitar), David “Jaff” Craig (bass), and Dave Hyde (drums), and ladies, they can all sing, so there are plenty of front men to go around. Their music is fast-paced with surprising harmonies. I spoke to the […]

Dirty Vegas

Many an American band has had to travel overseas to gain recognition before they’re appreciated on these shores. For the U.K. group Dirty Vegas this happened in reverse when the debut of their dance single “Days Go By” went quickly from the soundtrack to a Mitsubishi commercial (which also became parody material for one of […]