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Sons of Armageddon – The Softest Touch

Sons of Armageddon

Sons of Armageddon is a collection of seven Denver musicians who create a jazz-driven mash of analog/electronic experimentalist funk-improv-dancehall-hop. Sounds loop and lull, with samples and vocals intermitting, occasional horns, and even a fair display of turnrtablism. Improv is obviously a big part of this; and is achieved stunningly. Innumerable sounds emit from seemingly fabricated instruments—which would be no surprise from a group that appears to have an unlimited source of musical ingenuity.

Reminiscent, at moments, of Disposable Hero’s most intense looping, and of The Orb’s spatial transience, this record takes the constraints of structure a little closer to chaos than either of the aforementioned. That’s not to say that there is anything arrhythmic or hard to follow about this; rather, its intensity and thickness are certainly cause for several listens.


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