Lucero – Nobody’s Darling

The words “Southern Rock” might evoke a certain Lynyrd Skynyrd image in most brains, but don’t worry. On Lucero‘s fourth full-length and first on their own imprint, Liberty & Lament, there’s not a rebel flag in sight, just good heart-pounding rock’n’roll and heart-wrenching ballads, with an indie spirit, punk-rock scars, country heart and a soul […]

Various Artists – Atticus… Dragging the Lake Vol. 3


The only thing you REALLY need to know about the third Atticus compilation is that there’s a Lucero song on it that you can’t buy on any of their currently available records. Therefore, you should buy it and listen to it over and over again until that song is as burned onto your brain as […]

Lucero – Songs Spilling Over a Whiskey Buzz

Ben Nichols: guitar & vocalsBrian Venable: guitarJohn C. Stubblefield: bassRoy Berry: drums. Ben Nichols of Lucero smokes Marlboro Reds and wears worn white T-shirts with Levi’s and cowboy boots. In other words, he looks just like he sounds, right down to the tattoos. He says “Thankyouverymuch,” in a voice that oozes Memphis, Elvis, Jack Daniels, […]