Runnin’ Up That Hill With The Hold Steady

As this piece is wrapping up for publish, the “not guilty” verdict in the Michael Jackson trial is just being announced. It seems that the fairy tale bullshit in American music has just received another validation. Not a lot is left in our music industry that is real, or even lives in real life. Fortunately, […]

Coors Original New Sound Throw Down

Music News

Coors Original New Sound Throw Down Coors has been holding their sponsorship contest every Thursday for the month of June at the Blue Mule in Denver, giving local bands a chance to win XXXX. The bands that have been competing so far include Fifth of Meg, Plastic Parachute, More than Medium, Railbenders, ION, Deep Pocket […]

Various Artists (Ben Watt) – Buzzin’ Flye Volume One – Astralwerks

Ben Watt - Buzz Fly Volume One

This being the next incarnation of musical expression from Ben Watt (Everything but the Girl, Lazy Dog), the mix is filled with deep soulful house just in time for summer. Tunes from all over the globe come together for a ride that will make you smile, with the warmth you feel right after you get […]