The Happiness Factor – Avoid Danger

The mistake that I made before listening to Avoid Danger was that I only read the first few lines of the one-sheet for this album before I gave it a listen. The one-sheet states, “The Happiness Factor feature insanely catchy pop songs that seethe with energy and frustration.” Because of this, I half expected expected […]

Junior Jack – Trust It

Before I knew who Junior Jack was, I was already diggin’ this new song I had heard on XM Radio, a heavy house, breakbeat track that had the signature vocalist Robert Smith of The Cure. I went looking for “Da Hype,” and as luck would have it, Nettwerk Records had already sent us this prime […]

Molasses – Trouble at Jinx Hotel

In the tradition of slow, dark, and wonderfully melodious music, Molasses has crafted an album that fits their name only too perfectly. On their fourth release, Trouble at Jinx Hotel, (on alien8 recordings;, this Montréal ensemble creates a sonically enchanting masterpiece full of whispery vocals and steel harmonies that drip with images of sipping […]

The American Astronaut

Billy Nayer

The American AstronautFeaturing a live performance by The Billy Nayer ShowJune 5, 2004Boulder Theater It is rare to see a film and a band at the same venue–most shows are a dizzy spell of cigarette smoke, cheap beer, and a slurry of bands wielding the same old guitars. Seeing The Billy Nayer Show play after […]

Various Artists – Radio 1190 Local Shakedown Vol. II – Smooch Records

Radio 1190

When I’m working late nights, can’t hear a thing from gig hopping from the night, and have crossed eyes from sending the 100th email that day, Radio 1190 has reminded me why I started Kaffeine Buzz over two years ago and have kept it running every since. When I first moved here, I saw quite […]