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The Ultimate Battle of the Bands Competing for KISS/Poison Opener

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The Ultimate Battle of the Bands Competing for KISS/Poison Opener

Seraphim Shock will be competing in a Battle of the Bands, which takes place at Coors Amphitheater on Saturday, June 12, for the opportunity to open for the Poison/KISS concert on Tuesday, June 15, also at the Coors Amphitheater. There are five bands competing, and each will have a 30-minute set, so fans are encourage to cheer until their hoarse to increase the band’s chances of snagging the winning slot. The show is ALL AGES ($3 admission for under 21 (includes one free Coca Cola product). Over 21 is FREE. Gates open at 4pm, first band starts at 4:30pm. Free parking available for the showcase competition in the adjacent lots to the North of Coors Amphitheatre. Look for the Free Parking signs. We will post the other competing band’s names as they become available.

Flyboxx Call It Quits

Matt Gulley from Flyboxx made the announcement this week and the members of their group are parting ways, “It is with mixed emotions that I sit down to deliver this news to all of you on our mailing list. It has been a fun-filled ride with the members of this band, however at this time we have decided to hang up the Flyboxx moniker.”
Last Friday night the group got together and amicably agreed that now was the time to go our separate ways. Matt didn’t go into detail, but their discussion surrounded a possible replacement of a member, which at this point, is no longer an option. “For those of you who have been with us for the whole four years, we have replaced members in the past, but at this point it would be replacing the person not the instrument. So, from that idea and the standpoint that the four of us are friends and brothers before we’re band members, we are going our own ways.”
Each member plans to continue making music and appear back on the scene at some point. “Perhaps somewhere down the road we’ll get back together and try it again, but there are too many ‘what ifs’ to speculate at that right now.”

In Other News…Laugh Now Cry Later EP from Reno Divorce is currently being pressed in the UK. They expect to have copies in time for their West Coast/Southwest Mini Tour, which is still in the planning process. To take a listen to “Let’s Go Out” and “Laugh Now Cry Later,” go to The band plays the Van’s Warped Tour coming up in July…Against Tomorrow’s Sky had to put a hold on production and mixing of their upcoming CD after parting ways from Marc Benning (34 Satellite). The group is keeping their options open including label interest, and at the least, will release the CD themselves…This week The Gamits continued to celebrate the release of their new CD Antidote in Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins…Coming up June 25 is the Three Year Anniversary of the cooler than hip weekly party, Lipgloss, which takes place every Friday (now at La Rumba). Since the move, they’ve continued to draw in the kids who want to swing their hips to everything from Jet and Oasis to Madonna and Michael Jackson, and a new crowd has invaded their new digs, making it one of the more diverse groups of people in Denver who just want to have a good time. Look for the upcoming Lipgloss compilation, Hang The DJ, being released in the next few weeks.


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