Walls of Jericho, Martyr AD, 36 Crazy Fists, and As We Speak – Friday April 9, 2004 – Rock Island, Denver

Martyr AD

Walking into Rock Island is always a little disorientating, especially if it is for a hardcore show. The bar with its stalactite sculptures on the ceiling and a rotating crystalloid fixture in the corner was unusually slow and empty. Maybe it was because the hardcore kids aren’t into (or are too young for) drinking. Up […]

Bop Skizzum – Waiting For

Learning to ride a bike, the first day of kindergarten, first prom night. These are all pinnacle points in a child’s life that proud parent’s witness as their offspring grows and evolves as a person. Having heard Bop Skizzum over a year ago, the boys are getting in sync (no, not the Timberlake kind), venturing […]

The Hiss – Panic Movement

The American music scene as a whole has given Britain a run for their money in the past few years, which has been forever known as the land that births the edgiest form of rock that gets the biggest buzz, magazine covers, and spotlights on various TV shows. But when an Atlanta band has to […]