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Denver to be Pilot City for National Music Web/TV Show Concept


Denver to be Pilot City for National Music Web/TV Show Concept

This Friday a locally produced television series, “Noisefloor”, will premier their pilot episode prior to the CD Release concert for Bop Skizzum at the Gothic. Intent on proving that all music is local, “Noisefloor” delves into local music scenes around the country, focusing on what they consider to be the best talent and those involved, including promoters and venue owners, while honing in and showcasing what makes the particular scene tick. The premier, as well as the show itself, features all local talent. “We just want everyone to realize that it all starts somewhere,” says Executive Producer Isaac Slade. “There is so much great music right now in our own town.”

It’s not yet determined where the show will eventually air, but channels such as WB and Fox are most likely on their target list. Their web site,, launches the day of the premier and will feature their picks for the ten best record retailers, music associations, local bands, and other categories relating to the scene.

Everyone has been referring to the Esquire magazine article in their April pull out, “Things A Man Should Know About Music – A Guide To 2004” where they picked ten cities that rock. Placing second, Denver’s “Mountains and clean-living white people” is what we’re known for, along with we should be known for including the Czars, 16 Horsepower, Woven Hand, Twist & Shout Records, Larimer Lounge, BlueBird, and Denver Diner.

It’s not known how Esquire went about ranking each city, but at least Denver is getting the national props we deserve. “We’ve had a handful of bands picked up by major labels in the last six months,” says Slade, a Colorado native. “Between all of that attention and the history that Denver already had for great live music, it was great to finally receive that recognition.”

Slade, a member of The Fray, is part of the team along Noisefloor’s director, Kelly Magelky, a local independent filmmaker and organizer for The Golden Film Festival, and Consulting Producer Craig Volk, a screen writing professor at CU-Denver, twelve year Hollywood veteran, and writer on the Emmy award winning show Northern Exposure.

In Other News

VAUX has moved to Seattle after Atlantic bought out their record label contract with Volcom. Apparently it was an offer they couldn’t refuse, which included a total studio set up in the Emerald City. . . After they return from their multi-city, multi mega tour, Yuriko is moving out to sunny San Diego. . .Tarmints returned from their west coast tour, taking a badly needed break before they get back to the bid-niz of music. They have their EP completed, but are still deciding on whether to release that or hold off for their full-length. One this is for sure, they’ll be doing it themselves. “It’s cheaper and it sounds better,” says Bobby Jamison, guitarist for the band. “We’re mostly straight ahead rock now. We used to have kind of a country thing going, more Nick Cave kind of thing. I love to record it, but to play it? It gets dull. Plus, everyone’s doing that now. Munly, Red Cloud, and 16 Horsepower are all doing that already, and doing it really well. So why have us do it too?”

New Mile High House Residency

Mile High House is starting a new Saturday night party at the new restaurant/bar BRIX in Cherry Creek on 2nd and St. Paul. Brix is run by their good friend Charlie Master and has is said to have a bunch of the best bartenders and staff in Denver. For this first night another good friend from San Francisco, DJ M3, is returning to Denver to joining the crew, including Tom Hoch himself. Look for the DJ boys in the back of the restaurant, where you can also order cheap drinks from 9pm until 2am, and there’s no cover.

Oxygen’s Acclaimed Prank Show Searches for America’s Funniest Females to join the Cast – Denver Casting Call – Tuesday, May 18 at Comedy Works


To kick-off the 4th hilarious season of Oxygen’s “Girls Behaving Badly,” cast members are hitting the road and holding open auditions for women over the age of 18 who believe they have what it takes to make America laugh. Each girl will have 2 minutes to display their comedic skills live to the cast members and executive producers of “Girls Behaving Badly” with anything they consider funny including stand-up, improv, singing, dancing, juggling – you name it! The sole purpose of their performance is to fill the room with laughter.

At the end of the casting call, one woman from Denver will be selected and flown to Los Angeles for a guest spot on Oxygen’s “Girls Behaving Badly.”


Comedy Works
1226 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202

WHEN: Registration: 8am-11am, Auditions: 10am-5pm

VISIT: for more information

SXSW Tales From The Road, by Donovan Welsh, bassist and singer for D.O.R.K.

We are driving back from SXSW headed toward Los Angeles only a short 22-hour drive. This last week was filled with music, parties, booze, and more booze. Recalling the week is difficult because of the lack of sleep and the nightlife is rugged.

D.O.R.K. had three showcases throughout the week that were kick ass. But, more importantly the opportunity to meet and learn from industry people was invaluable, fellow bands included. This festival showcases some of the best talent in the entire world. It gives you a gauge of where your band stands and what you should be doing.

We spent the entire week going to panels during the day and watching band after band at night. The panels range from major label A&R, making sure you’re not getting ripped off, and even health insurance for artists. Of course the parties aren’t too shabby. I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss industry info with several label reps and industry veterans, such as Everclear’s Art Alexakis, who was more than informative. I was also able to sit down and speak with Kevin Lymon, who runs the Van’s Warped Tour. We’d been on the road for three weeks and that five minutes alone was worth the entire trip.

Bottom line, SXSW is the place to be if you want to know where your band stands or where you should be by next year. Denver, our hometown, is full of great talent some of which was represented at SXSW, but we would have liked to have seen more. Hope to see ya next year.

(D.O.R.K. returns to Denver to play with Lucky Boys Confusion and Love.45, Tuesday, March 30 at the Gothic)

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