Super Furry Animals, Papa M – January 31, 2004 – The BlueBird, Denver

Super Furry Animals

For the previously uninitiated (as I was), Super Furry Animals live in concert can only be described as an experience worth repeating. So much so that the Welsh quintet’s Saturday night show at The Bluebird included a back-to-back, repeat performance of fan-favorite “International Language of Screaming.” And there was much rejoicing. Of course, likening the […]

Ima Robot – Dynomite

In an industry pimpled up with over-produced Blink 182 rip-offs, techno driven DJ egomaniacs and pop stars who flash their image more times than write quality tracks comes a swipe of the next generation of Oxypad named Ima Robot. Sure, they aren’t perfect. . . and they definitely come across in an extremely awkward way […]

Non-Prophets – Hope

Hold your friends close and your enemies closer. Sage Francis and Jose Beats could have been enemies after Jose was clowning on Sage on Rhode Island radio station 90.3. Not being one to back down from a fight, Sage went down to the station, and according to their site posting, “…it was not a good […]

Unseen – So Tired of the “Sold Out’ Song & Dance

Mark Unseen – vocals, drumsTripp – vocals, bassScott – lead guitarPat Melzard – drums When I was in my freshman year of college, my little punk rock friends back at home had adopted a lovely blonde Swiss exchange student, and made her a fan of bands like the Unseen. When she went back to Switzerland, […]

Motion For Alliance Pumps Up Their Site, Plans Their Non-Blonde Ambitious Tour

Music News

Motion For Alliance Pumps Up Their Site, Plans Their Non-Blonde Ambitious Tour Motion For Alliance (MFA) have upgraded their site,, to make it possible to download single tracks from live shows, and to make the site more MAC friendly. They’ve also posted two new shows (soundboard recordings) for download. MFA will be returning to […]