Magdalena Sisters (Peter Mullan)

Magdalena Sisters

magdalena sisters–2002, Peter Mullan The Magdalene Sisters is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest without the humor of Jack Nicholson. It’s Girl, Interrupted without the magnetism of Angelina Jolie and the promise that in the end, everyone was there for a reason. Most upsetting of all, it’s based on true stories, and a system that […]

Various Artists – Salute This Volume 1 – Slash Records/BiggMassive

Salute This

Let us take a journey back in time. The year is 1978 and a new record label, Slash, has been brought onto the scene by Bob Biggs, who also published a pioneering punk magazine by the same name just one year earlier. It’s longevity lasted for 21 years, releasing the first two X Albums, the […]