The Germs w/ The Stitches, Love Equals Death – Saturday May 5, 2007 – Slims, San Francisco – Jef Hoskins

The Germs

There’s no way to spin the skepticism around this show. At the forefront, Shane West, an actor who portrayed Darby Crash in a yet-to-be-released Germs bio-pic What We Do Is Secret, is now the official front-man for the Germs. Can that really work?? Our nightclub jitters are measurably reinforced by the fact that the expansive […]

Various Artists – Salute This Volume 1 – Slash Records/BiggMassive

Salute This

Let us take a journey back in time. The year is 1978 and a new record label, Slash, has been brought onto the scene by Bob Biggs, who also published a pioneering punk magazine by the same name just one year earlier. It’s longevity lasted for 21 years, releasing the first two X Albums, the […]