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The A.K.A.S – White Doves & Smoking Guns

Break out the plugs ‘cause you’re ears are going to be ringing for days with these guys. We’re talking the gyrating, head bobbin’, fishnet wearin’, Generation X post-punk flair that we all know and love (well, most of us anyway). They’ve kicked the B52’s off the stage, but kept around a few of their vocal moves and simplistic but irresistible keyboard beats, throwing in some fists and charging riffs to modernize and supersize their sound.


The A.K.A.s are good time music no matter what you may call it, and even with the “hey baby” lyrics, they’re justl fun and games when it comes to the power chord message they’re blowing from their canon. The rebel yell on “Generation Vexed” goes, “Empty pockets, empty souls…so what you gonna do? What you gonna do when it ain’t cool to be a loser no more? Generation X. A generation vexed, they stole the soul and sold it back as an aesthetic.”

White Doves & Smoking Guns hits you from all sides with balls-out, no apologies rock and roll, set to burst at every riff, scream, and pounding beat. Whew, I need a smoke.


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