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Django Django’s Marble Skies Are Drifting Magically Across the US


The songs crafted from the creative minds and warm hearts of Django Django’s members are out of this world, a blend of alien ingenuity and tribal humanoids that perfectly blend a musical time travel trip, taking the listener to far off lands of sound they didn’t know they had been missing.

That was the innate skill the band launched with when they first bursted onto the scene, releasing their self-titled debut in 2012. The debut album  immediately captured the ears of a global audience, turning singles like “Hail Bop,” “WOR,” and “Default” into instant anthems. Their approach of kitchen-sink instrumentation finely tuned with diamond precision introduced a unique sound to the indie dance world, complemented by their gorgeous vocal harmonies.


Three years later Born Under Saturn arrived, linking back to the tribal space-travel ties of their debut but with fresh new chapters of songs that brought back the tradition of listening to entire album on your headphones with no distraction. Every note and groove-down rhythm path was laid out on “Shake and Tremble,” then you became immersed in lyrical beauty and flow of “First Light,” followed by the glistening beats of “Reflections.”

Now in 2018, Django Django is back with more ear candy to turn any frown upside down (and boy, we sure do need musical escapism these days and reasons to smile, right?) with Marble Skies. From the first few seconds of the the title track, you’re enveloped with the distinctive tech electro touches that the London band has used with such finesse and creative expertise from day one.

What follows over the course of the next 40 minutes is yet another wondrous journey into the hearts and minds of one of my favorite music groups from our present time. There is a definite pop-influenced tone that arises on Marble Skies, namely “Surface To Air,” which taps the vocal talent of Self Esteem (aka Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club). Dave McClean, the band’s drummer, produced her debut solo release, “Your Wife,” so now she’s returning the favor to not only DD but their fans.

A bit of Underworld, 90’s warehouse beats drive the engine on “Real Gone,” but it’s the bouncy, made-for-the-dancefloor DNA of “In Your Beat” that sets a fire Django Django’s signature sound, causing fans at shows to thrash with glee to “Dancing With Me!!”


Django Django are getting their sun on these days, having performed at Coachella during the first weekend and then stopping over in the Mojave Desert to film a video for “Marble Skies.” Now on their current west coast U.S. tour that stops in Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 18, playing at the Fonda with Tank and the Bangas, Django Django runs back out to Indio for weekend 2 on April 21, then on to Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco. If Coachella was or is not in your plans, you still have a chance to relish in Django Django’s Marble Skies experience. It is one that’s not to be missed if you’re a fan of happiness and music.


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