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Weezer – Self-Titled (The Red Album)

WeezerSelf-Titled (The Red Album)

From the same band that has already brought you two other self-titled albums (cleverly dubbed The Blue Album and The Green Album) comes a new self-titled album (once again, cleverly dubbed The Red Album). Weezer’s latest record is quite confusing and begs the question, “¿Como, Cuomo?”


Ranging in musical acknowledgments from classic Weezer, The Beach Boys, Queen, Nine Inch Nails, The Offspring and Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s difficult to say if Rivers Cuomo is actually mocking his fellow rockers or if he’s just ripping them off.

Apart from an apparent obsession with underwear (mentioned in several songs), there are several other oddities in this album. An epic and serious “Heart Songs” (Track 4) seems unwelcome by its surrounding counterpart’s attempts at cuteness and/or sarcasm. Even within this track there are contradictory lyrics which beg you to consider the seriousness of the song.

While this album is self-contradicting and confusing in many ways, it’s still a step in the right direction for this band. Weezer has released nothing original since the infamous Pinkerton which pinnacled only on the underground scene. This album is a refreshing change from the five albums that all sounded exactly the same. However, the step is very obviously taken in caution as it still has heavy similarities to those albums.

Keep trying Cuomo, we know you have it in you to do better. We’ll be waiting.


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