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The Feelings Mutual – The Feelings Mutual

Dinosaur Jr. comes to mind immediately upon listening to this album. If J. Mascis where to sing for Foo Fighters, you would have something similar to The Feelings Mutual. Fortunately, singer Jordan Clark has more diversity and is able to bring his voice from frailty to bold and powerful with the rise of intensity.


Each track on this album is dynamically composed and performed. Not only does every song have its own individual feeling and speed, but each one, individually, has at least one peak and trough.

This band has a very unique composure with Clark’s frail and sharp voice strongly complementing the driving, heavy guitars. The riffs and chord structures may very well remind you of songs that you’ve already heard from other bands, but these are presented in a way that is refreshing and exciting to hear.

From the bold, brash first track, “Monolith,” to the layered and building intensity of the fifth track, “Sleep,” The Feelings Mutual have created an impressive, enjoyable and exciting debut EP.


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