Joseph Arthur – Vagabond Skies

Peter Gabriel discovered Joseph Arthur in the mid-90’s, and since then he has remained beneath the mainstream radar, while being generally well received by critics. Redemptions Son, released in 2002, was his most commercially successful album, but did not manage to launch Arthur into the social consciousness. It just goes to show, since he received […]

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Como Te Llama?

I’ll start off by saying that after just one listen to Yours To Keep, I was a fan of Albert Hammond, Jr. This feeling was intensified many times over after seeing him three times at the 2007 SXSW. I was pretty excited to hear his new stuff, but I can’t say that I was blown […]

Weezer – Self-Titled (The Red Album)

Weezer – Self-Titled (The Red Album)DGC From the same band that has already brought you two other self-titled albums (cleverly dubbed The Blue Album and The Green Album) comes a new self-titled album (once again, cleverly dubbed The Red Album). Weezer’s latest record is quite confusing and begs the question, “¿Como, Cuomo?”