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Tight Phantomz – Crazy When Wet

Tight Phantomz

Maybe it’s just me, but the word “boogie” seems like a slightly archaic term. It’s an acceptable word to use when talking about KC and the Sunshine Band or Chic, but its use shouldn’t go beyond that. Crazy When Wet, the latest release from southern-fried Chicagoans Tight Phantomz, is described by their own label as a “boogie record.” Don’t let this scare you; it’s not true.

A more appropriate way to describe Tight Phantomz sound would probably be “ass-shaking” or “demonically dancy.” Digging into the white trash sounds of The Black Crowes (minus the cheese-factor), these rockers blend trashy guitar sounds with the distorted vocals of famed guitarist/producer Mike Lust. On the opening track, “House Arrest,” Lust’s voice bleeds with vigor like Gibby Haynes after a couple swigs of whiskey and three packs of Camel filters.

Touching base with radio-friendly punk rock and lending a hand to the southern sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Crazy When Wet is a perfectly created sonic package. The Phantomz close out the album with a fabulous cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Albatross,” and its rich tone and texture create a soothing end to this manic LP. I think the Tight Phantomz might see even greater success if they actually moved to the south and set up camp there. I could see Lil’ Jon pairing Tight Phantomz with his label mates, Trillville, and making a disgustingly great crunk crossover record.


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