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Chronophonic – Footwork

It’s funkadelic, it’s astronomic, it’s Chronophonic’s fancy Footwork – a sophisticated collage of deep down hip-hop (“Bean So Hot”), lyrical assimilation (“Footwork”), and soulful jazz tendons (“Dom P”) that stretch ever so gracefully into some mighty rock muscle (“Or Was It Something Deeper, Captain?”).

From their pools of jazz instrumentals and horn explosions (“Reflections of the Shadow of the Flame”) to the out of sight combustions (“Deep Puddin’ Pt. 1”) and smooth-as-funk vocal serenades (“Breakfast for Dinner”), its evident that Chronophonic’s octopus musical configuration all connects a hefty body of talent. It’s the multi-styled layers that keep things interesting from beginning to end, appealing to moodiness in all of that can change from minute to minute –- champagne in one hand and a vodka/Red Bull in the other.

With musical inspirations that range from Primus and Radiohead, to Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and John Coltrane, production talent from Kevin Clock (Stevie Ray Vaghn, Gladys Knight) and mastering by Tom Baker (Beastie Boys, BB King) — Denver’s Chronophonic’s shining kaleidoscope of musical color is captivating. You can hear the whole crew when they play Herman’s Hideway this Saturday, February 21 to celebrate the release of their fancy Footwork. For anyone interested in checking them out for free, click, print the tickets, and you’re in for free.


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