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Vaux – Plague Music


It was only a matter of time before our Denver boys got snagged up by a major. But do not fret my pretty, they haven’t been transformed into something they’re not in order ensure profitability. Not that I could foresee any of the guys allowing that to happen. The poor clip-on ponytail Mr. Big would end up with one hellava ass whooping. Word on the street is Atlantic originally passed on them, and after realizing their mistake, came back to throw down some cash for their previous contract with Volcom Entertainment.

But you didn’t hear that from me.

Gossip aside, this EP ensures us that VAUX is as brutal, sexy, spooky, and melodic as ever. While “Celibate Good Times” shows off what got VAUX to where they are, the seducing, spaceship lounge atmosphere of “Sex Will Happen Tonight” shows another facet to the band’s creative repertoire.

Drummer Joe McChan always amazes me with his finesse for pummeling those skins at inhuman speeds, then subtly shifting gears into fifth with the flip of a switch. I’m guessing he has the folks at Kansas City Drum Company who sponsor his kit on speed dial. Quentin Smith’s vocals have continued to evolve, which I suppose happens when you’ve been touring almost non-stop for a number of years. Although he still has a trace of Thom York at times, there’s no mistaking his own style for making ears bleed without that shrill, yelling too many rock singers call singing.

If anything, it’s great to see these guys getting their due. I don’t expect they’re planning their appearance on MTV cribs just yet, but if that does happen in the future, it will be the one reason to watch that “music” channel again.

VAUX comes back home to Rock Island Friday, September 17 for a CD release celebration with Gatsby’s American Dream, Acceptance, The Snake The Cross The Crow. Show starts at 7:30pm and it’s all ages.


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