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The Time Flys – Rebels of Babylon

Dirty, gritty punk—pure and feckin’ simple.

The Kaffeine Buzz entourage caught Oakland rockers The Time Flys with pals and label-mates Apache at Austin’s South By the Southwest (SXSW) festival last month, and the reality is everything their second LP, Rebels of Babylon promises: Three skinny, dirty, quite stoned boys and one rockin’ chica, blazing through poppy, as-classic-as-they-come punk anthems—slickly, in that perfectly not-so-slick kind of way.


Don’t expect particularly deep thoughts or life-affirming proclamations from The TF. They don’t rock to highly inspire. The just rock; as the first track, “Reality is a Rock Band” states clearly and repeatedly.

Rebels harks back to bands like the Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Lurkers—the kind of punks that did whatever the fuck they wanted, and were unabashed about their wonton sexuality and chemical indulgences.

Just kick back and enjoy it, dude!


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