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Limbeck – Limbeck

Americana seems to be a buzz word these days, seemingly used often to describe a band that is too hip to call itself country or even It’s another one of those terms that doesn’t really describe anything but is used to warn people that there might be a bit more twang in the rock than they’re used to.

I can’t think of a better term to describe Limbeck, but it doesn’t really fit either. They sound more like Piebald on heavy doses of Lucero and Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning, indie pop with a sunny outlook and a slight dose of country and still a hint of their pop-punk roots.


This self-titled release is a spring-day record, something to be listened to with the windows down and big sunglasses with your arm tapping on the steering wheel.

You won’t so much sing as hum along, caught up in the consistent good mood of the album. Where much of today’s music (especially the folk type) focuses on the melancholy and plucks at heartstrings, this record can be summed up with the line, “I’d say I’m a pretty nice dude.”

The lyrics touch on love and celebrate life on the road, but skirt the poetic depths of Cory Branan or Conor Oberst. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a good pick-me-up record, right?


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