K-OS – Hymns for Disco

The Canadian Wyclef is back. This self-proclaimed B-boy K-OS, continues to push the boundaries of what hip-hop music is, firmly entrenching himself in the comparable company of such visionaries as Andre 3000, Cee-Lo, and the aforementioned ‘Clef. Where his first album Exit was the introduction of a great talent, and the sophomore release Joyful Rebellion […]

Minus The Bear – Interpretaciones del Oso

Remixes are made for the 2% music set: the nerd crowd who is half fan and half musician. A remix of any song is a techno tribute, after all. In this case, Interpretations de Oso is remixed math-rock—as you’d expect—just a bit more technically fidgety than Minus the Bear already was. While certain purists cry, […]

Rjd2 – The Third Hand

Rjd2 has changed labels for his latest release, The Third Hand, moving from left-field hip-hop label Def Jux to XL Recordings, home of indie rock favorites the White Stripes and Thom Yorke. This record finds Rj playing and recording every instrumental sound as well as singing on almost every track; a fair change from the […]

The Time Flys – Rebels of Babylon

Dirty, gritty punk—pure and feckin’ simple. The Kaffeine Buzz entourage caught Oakland rockers The Time Flys with pals and label-mates Apache at Austin’s South By the Southwest (SXSW) festival last month, and the reality is everything their second LP, Rebels of Babylon promises: Three skinny, dirty, quite stoned boys and one rockin’ chica, blazing through […]

Triclops! – Cafeteria Brutalia

Finally, a rock band that reminds me of why I loose so much sleep listening, reading about, researching, and seeing music while also loathing the contrived, formulated pre-teen pop that seems to be everywhere we turn these days. Maybelline eye shadow and Gap fashion spreads does not a rock ‘n’ roll band make. And sometimes […]