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The Stills – Logic Will Break Your Heart

The Stills

The title of this CD alone rang so true it made my head spin. It’s the epiphany level of realization, when logic overtakes emotion when making one of life’s many decisions, and although your heart may ache, you know in your heart that this decision is the best thing for you. Basically, logic can just plain suck. The Stills have succeeded in making that sucky aspect of adulthood shine with brilliant melodies that bounce like the Ocean Blue, making you feel like as long as the songs keep playing, everything is going to be okay.

In that respect, the songs can be addictive, and you don’t want to let go after the last track plays. The heartbeat of drums flutter and pump with a vibrant urgency on “Ready For It”, then a ‘90s retro indie rock costume fashions the stand out track “Allison Krausse”. These art school students from Montreal (singer Tim Fletcher, drummer Dave Hamelin, guitarist Greg Paquet and bassist Oliver Crowe) use samples and effects to expand their sound, and in the case of “Animas + Insects”, to create a bubbling, understated backdrop to the song’s aching mood.

Having previously toured with some of our favorites, including Interpol, The Rapture, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and The Streets, The Stills will hit our streets when they come to the Larimer Lounge on Tuesday, October 7, playing with The Situation, Cavendish, Brian Kenny, and Fresno. Logic Will Break Your Heart will hit the shelves October 21.


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