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The Fastest Steed on Earth – It’s Slang For Heroin

The Fastest Steed On Earth’s It’s Slang For Heroin release is an all instrumental musical montage that travels the gamut of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mr. Bungle, The Ex and Minus The Bear. Mostly a psycho-carnival carpet ride, the tracks mirror each other in lyric-free quirk-insanity; but some stand alone as predominant with guitar or keys.


This disc is bizarre in that way that could be really annoyingly nerdy, but the bright moments show a sign of sanity and of taste for something similar to human pop culture. This comes through most on “A Little Party,” which is essentially an indie rock hit that the vocals haven’t yet been recorded for.

On that note, The Fastest Steed On Earth is exploding with talent. It seems that a vocalist would stabilize them and tow them a little closer to digestibility. The disc could certainly do without the circus-derived numbers. Nonetheless, if you dig this style, you will dig this band.


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