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Slunt – Slunt


Put your CD player on repeat. Slunt is a piss and vinegar (and whiskey and smokes) laden, girl-fronted hard rock group with an unfortunately dumb name. I mean, if you wanna be known as a cross between and slut and a cunt, can’t that come through in the lyrics and the attitude?

Heavy, fist-pumping, beer-drinking, and everything else sex drugs & rock-n-roll, with disturbingly accurate Joan Jett AND Kathleen Hanna vocal styling. Take Babes in Toyland crossed with Hole; add the aforementioned queens of rock putting another dime in the juke-vox, baby; then throw in a Gits-ish tendency to speed shit up and smash it. Now you have Slunt.

To hell with the Distillers! This self-titled, five-song EP is classic; brimming with anthem rock, tough-as-nails from open to close. Climaxing with the surprising cover of Romeo Void’s ‘Never Say Never’, Slunt’s debut is non-stop satisfaction.


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