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Gym Class Heroes – The Papercut EP

This record made me run around my house screaming and dancing in my pajamas.

“I took Cutie for a ride in My Deathcab. She tipped me with a kiss; I dropped her off at the meth lab. Before she left she made a Dashboard Confessional, then spilled her guts in Cursive. But what’s worse is I can still see her Bright Eyes like Sunny Day Real Estate. Oh my, in a funny way the ceilin’ tastes so high, but no chance, my little chemical romance left a bad taste in my mouth…”


That’s the first 30 seconds of ‘Taxi Driver’, the first track on Gym Class Heroes’ The Papercut EP. Schleprock (vocals) goes on to drop Jet to Brazil, Get Up Kids, Coheed, At The Drive-in and every other emo-indie act you can imagine into this story of two kids with the chemicals. Are you on fire yet?

The indie-rock throwbacks don’t end there. Track four, ‘Makeout Club’ takes off mimicking the opening notes of Bright Eyes’ ‘Lover I Don’t Have to Love’ – which loop in and out of the entire cut.

Gym Class Heroes are a completely analog indie/hip-hop band from upstate New York. They take the cue of the Roots to the capitol-Nth degree, making genius hip-hop out of rock and roll instrumentation and styling. Gym Class Heroes is your favorite band this month; and when their LP, The Papercut Chronicles arrives February 22, you will have your favorite album of the year.


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