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Secret Lives of the Freemasons – This Was Built to Make You Dance (Here Is Your Revolution)

Secret Lives of the Freemasons

This eleven track album, released this May by the North Carolina natives Secret Lives of the Freemasons, is a smashup between Taking Back Sunday’s double vocals and Lost Prophets’ lyrical style and aggression.

The group came to be through the fusion of one an indie band and another post-hardcore group. Today their make up has them pulling off a formula of three guitars in unison, combined with vocals in a triple threat, which simply sends chills run down my spine.

The stretch of their incredible vocal range creates a level of harmonization that sets Secret Lives of the Freemasons apart. Their album, This Was Built to Make You Dance, is unprecedented and completely detached from the mainstream. The explosive track “Make Like a Door and Shut Up” contains a more rock minded rhythm, complimenting other stand out songs “It Only Took a Whisper” and “Glazed Over.”

Search out for Secret Lives… in the dusty risers of your local music store. It will be an added gem to your collection.


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