KMFDM – Blitz

I think I’ve finally got my answer. Rather than make you guess what the question was, I’ll just tell you. See, I have a few friends who worship the ground KMFDM or even MDFMK walks on. For years they showed me songs and for years I couldn’t figure out how I felt. At first I […]

Monofader – Frost

Overflowing with chunky beats and those velvet vocals made popular back in the ’80s, Monofader doesn’t really break any new ground, but one can’t help but be pulled into their dark and sexy web. Woven with the bouncy-ness of strobe light nights and the seductive quality of the Violator era of Depeche Mode, Frost is […]

Hanzel Und Gretyl – Uber Alles

Between their artistic persona, German lyrics, and heavy metal, hardcore industrial charge, it’s hard to believe that Hanzel und Gretyl grew up in New York and not in Munich or Berlin. The duo’s third release, Uber Alles, takes us on their distorted space journey where they battle evil dictators to save the earth.