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Monofader – Frost

Overflowing with chunky beats and those velvet vocals made popular back in the ’80s, Monofader doesn’t really break any new ground, but one can’t help but be pulled into their dark and sexy web. Woven with the bouncy-ness of strobe light nights and the seductive quality of the Violator era of Depeche Mode, Frost is heated and inviting.

Utilizing some of the most enticing dancefloor tricks of the trade and low-brow garage/two-step rhythms, duo Sebastian Komor from Icon of Coil and Richard Bjorklund of Spektralized, keeps the ball rolling in the world of synthpop and EBM. Now in their third year and after a 6-track demo tape, Monofader keeps their own ball rolling in between their other musical obligations by coming through with this first full-length.

If they can break away from their predecessors and move in a more unique direction, they can form their own reputation in the electronic music scene, the likes of those other obligations like Icon of Coil.


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