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The Kaffeine Buzz Show (Restart) – Episode 16

Welcome to the Kaffeine Buzz Show, or back to this podcast if you were a listener of Post303Radio. It’s been a number of months since I was doing these podcasts so I’m glad to be back in the saddle again. This episode, and in picking up where I left off earlier this year is Episode 16, dedicated to the Summer of Sweat 2012, playing tracks from some of the touring bands and releases that came out during the summer months as we say good bye to the hot weather season and hello to the cooler months of the fall, spotlighting new releases and upcoming tour news.

To accompany the podcast, there are links below to KB write ups, free downloads, and other related artist information that may be of interest to ya.


Amanda Palmer – Do It With A Rockstar – Theatre Is Evil

To look back to last weekend, I’ve started the show with Amanda Palmer, who played the Gothic last Friday night. Most of her set was from her release Theatre is Evil, which came out this month. “Do It With A Rockstar,” a romantic ditty that always brings a tear to my eye, was not on the set list but is one of my favorite tracks from the new album. KB review of Theatre is Evil…

ABC – Poison Arrow – Lexicon of Love

The infamous band celebrated the 30th anniversary of this pinnacle album, Lexicon of Love. Playing it to tip the hand to a band that has influenced so many and continue to do so today.

Two Door Cinema Club – Handshake  – Beacon

Metronomy – The Look – English Riviera

Both bands performed at Arenal Festival in Castellon, Spain. In a nutshell: completely nuts. Yes, nuts to the second power. Two Door Cinema Club is currently on the road in the U.S. and come to Denver on October 16. See the full tour dates at

Pics from TD Cinema’s show at the Bluebird in Denver, October 2010

Sidenote: I make a number of reference to the tour date app during this episode. I’m not endorsing this as a paid plug. I just like the app for my own personal and business use.

The Wombats – Our Perfect Disease (Plastic Plates Remix)

The Wombats also played Arenal and came to Denver to Red Rocks this month with The Hives and Silversun Pickups, continuing on to tour the U.S., which includes the Culture Collide Festival in LA on October 7 and the Austin City Limits Festival the following weekend on October 12 –

Preview for The Wombats gig in Colorado Springs at the Black Sheep, May 2012
Pics from the Black Sheep Show

Plastic Plates – More Than Love – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

Plastic Plates released his debut EP on Maison Kitsune, who has released numerous compilations and is home to Two Door Cinema Club, along with Housse De Racket and Beateacue, both of whom were at SXSW this past year. Read the latest KB review…

Liars – Brats – WIXIW

While Madonna is known as the mother of reinvention, Liars do more than costume and hair-do changes – they come at your ears with a whole new sonic persona, one that surprises and delights while challenging you in wonderful ways. Case in point, WIXIW, an album title that causes one to pause at the pronunciation. For the record, it’s “wish you,” as in, wish you would explain that one. More…

The Twilight Sad – Nil (Liars Remix) – No One Can Ever Know (Remixes)

Errors – A Rumour In Africa – Come Down With Me

FatCat Records announced this month the release of a new album by The Twilight Sad, No One Can Ever Know – The Remixes, out Nov. 20. It of course features remixes, including the featured track “Nil” that was remixed by Liars. Other lab chemists include Tom Furse of The Horrors, Com Truise, Warsnare and Ambassadeurs.  

The Twilight Sad’s fall U.S. tour, which starts November 5 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, will include Errors.


Wild Nothing – This Chain Won’t Break – Nocturne

DIIV – Doused – Oshin

Dignan Porch – Darkness – Nothing Bad Will Never Happen

All three artists featured are on Captured Tracks’ roster list, a Brooklyn record label that’s been growing in stature due to bands like DIIV, Wild Nothing and Dignan Porch, along with Blouse and Beach Fossils (of which lead singer and guitars, XXX from DIIV, is a member).

Review of DIIV, Dignan Porch at Shacklewell Arms, London
Pics from the DIIV and Wild Nothing show at Larimer Lounge

DIIV has stayed on the road since they played Larimer earlier this month, with a schedule that includes the Culture Collide Festival in LA on Thursday, October 4, a trek over to Dallas for the Index Fest, and then back to LA for another gig at Echo for Franki Chan’s two year anniversary for Check Yo Ponytail. And then they head to Europe during the month of November.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love – Trouble

Bombay Bicycle Club – Light Out, Words Gone – A Different Kind of Fix

Both TEED and Bombay Bicycle Club were two acts I had the luck of seeing while I was in New York in July. For BBC, their Bowery Ballroom show was the largest show they’d played in the U.S. thus far. Not sure if that stuck after their slot at this year’s Lollapalooza. For TEED, it was the first show that also featured his dancers, a visual icing on the cake to his already colorful and festive performance. “Your Love” by TEED is the latest single release of this summer’s Trouble.


Ringo Deathstarr – Please Don’t Kill Yourself – Mauve

Ringo Deathstarr, the trio from Texas, is back with a new album, “Mauve,” released just this week on Sonic Uniyon Records. And of course, the band is also touring, coming to the Lion’s Lair on Thursday, September 27. I got a chance to talk to Elliott while the band was traveling through Washington, who gave me a glimpse into the making of the album before his cell reception was cut off. Essentially, this album, as opposed to their first Colour Trip, was made with the live show in mind, mainly influenced by the band’s tour with Smashing Pumpkins, a tour that caused them to put their original plans on hold, namely, the making of this album, but it was a shift that was meant to happen.

Hot Chip – How Do You Do? – In Our Heads

Race Horses – My Year Abroad  – Furniture

The Vaccines – Teenage Icon – Come of Age

In Our Heads, released by Hot Chip early in the summer, has become one of my favorite albums of the year. Race Horses’ Furniture was released earlier this month in the U.K. to wild and favorable praise. The Vaccines’ sophomore album, Come of Age, also came out in September in the U.K. with an expected release date in the U.S. in early October.

Epilogues – Paradigm Shift – Cinematics

I got a chance to attend Epilogues’ CD listening party this month, which took place at Lannie’s Clocktower in downtown Denver, a building that has probably one of the best views of the city. The band’s survived label woes like so many bands before them and have come out on the other side with this new release, which hits stores on November 6 . Before then Epilogues plays an in-store on Tuesday, October 2 at Twist & Shout, and then a show October 6 at the Summit Music Hall.

This track, Paradigm Shift, is available for free on –, the 3rd single off the new album following “Hunting Season” and “The Fallout” was the second single.

Frank Turner – The Road

Last fall Frank Turner more than made his presence know when he and his band mates came into Denver and tore up the crowd at the Marquis. As expected, there were many sing-alongs to fan favorites, including “I Still Believe,” “If I Ever Stray,” “Wessex Boy,” and other tracks from his 2011 release, England Keep My Bones, all the way back to his 2006 E.P. Campfire Punkrock. More…

Japandroids – Younger Us – Celebration Rock

I got a chance to see Japandroids, after missing out on their sold-out show at Larimer earlier this summer, at Summer Sundea in Leicester, an amazing little festival north of London. They’re touring Europe again, hitting up Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and the UK through October, and then return to the U.S. And yes, their tour plans include Denver, the Bluebird this time on November 18.

Django Django – Hail Bop – Django Django

I would have to say my all-time favorite gig of the summer, maybe even the year, was Django Django, who also played Summer Sundea. They astounded the crowd with tracks from their self-titled debut, which came out a while back in U.K. and was just released this week in the U.S. on Ribbon Music. They too are on tour, albeit not coming to Denver, but played San Francisco last night, The Echo tonight, Toronto, and then the Bowery Ballroom next Tuesday, Oct 2 in New York and Knitting Factory in Brooklyn the following night before heading back to the U.K. and playing untold gigs.

Nick Waterhouse – Indian Love Call – Time’s All Gone

This past summer, London was one of the stops during my holiday. One of my main goals was to hit the record shops, buying vinyl that was a bit harder to come by in the states. This included snapping up Northern Soul 45s. As I flicked through the choices I was reminded that honestly, these artists were made in America. The soul, the R&B that has resonated so strongly in the British clubs over the decades is what still packs out Denver’s Meadowlark at Mile High Soul Club’s (MHSC) dance nights to this day. I didn’t need to import soul, it was already ingrained in this American woman’s DNA. This timeless essence is what will no doubt draw many to see Nick Waterhouse when he comes to Larimer Lounge this Wednesday, September 26, performing with Allah-las, a surf group out of Cali, and of course, the MHSC DJs. More…

John Talabot – Destiny

I closed out this week’s episode with one last track from John Talabot, who is coming to Denver next Tuesday at Larimer Lounge, along with our own Option4 and Lust. This is a live set, not John DJing, and if you like this track, then I suggest you get your booty out on a Tuesday night. As the saying goes, you can just sleep when your dead.


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