She Wants Revenge – This is Forever

She Wants Revenge

When Justin Warfield and “Adam 12” Bravin hit the earwaves in 2006 with the She Wants Revenge self-titled debut, things happened at the speed of light. Hitting all the “next best thing” lists, late night talk shows and music festivals was the second breath to their initial small club tour. The two had individually been […]

Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped

For a while now I’ve felt incomplete, a bit uncomfortable, like I mistakenly left the house without a bra and deodorant. I even pulled out my beloved Chuck Taylors in all their worn glory, a pair of shoes that is still hanging in there after 20+ years of city street living and too many concerts […]

Sigur Ros – Takk…

I once had a nervous breakdown listening to Sigur Ros’ ( ) album. It wasn’t an actual a nervous breakdown, but probably more of a panic attack. I was working at a soulless job that I hated and my personal life and ego had just suffered a devastating blow. I sat in my grey chair, […]

Sparta – Porcelain

Sparta - Porcelain

This album title is an interesting one for Sparta’s latest creation, in a sense there’s a pure and gleaming sense about the path the group, now on their sophomore release, has taken in 2004. The ghost of Perry Ferrell is felt more than any spirit left from ATDI, which may say something about the fading […]