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Chromeo – DJ-Kicks

If you want a good indication of what’s in store for the Monolith pre-party on Friday, September 11, you need go no further than the new Chromeo DJ-KiCKS remix album from !K7. Electic and endearing, funky and funtabulous, track one through track 18 is a non-stop groove and party waiting to happen, sans the balloons and confetti.

DJ-KiCKS can also be popped in the following morning to get the blood pumping for the day head; a perfect backdrop to a muted “Weird Science” or “Beverly Hills Cop,” if they were filmed in Montreal.

While the Chromeo duo, Dave 1 and P-Thugg throw their fairy dust on 70s artists such as The Alan Parsons Project (“Pipeline”) and Leo Sayer (“Easy To Love”), the essence of this remix album is the use of artists that don’t ring any bells at all and a refrain from giving fans any inkling of what Chromeo’s next original album will hold.

Most songs are pulled from the bargain bin; one-hit wonders not known here in the States or even in their own province of Quebec. Providing a musical mystery tour of French pop and funk, booty shakers include Soupir’s “Larmes de Metal” the robotic, disco ball sparkle of Chateau Marmont “Solar Antapex,” and a 70s ditty perfect for the Soul Train dancefloor from Pierre Perpall, “J’aime Danser Avec Toi.”

Chromeo also ventures into its first cover of the Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why,” requiring Dave 1 to wear extra tight pants in the studio in order to hit those high notes.

Great for fans of Chromeo and vintage soul/funk/disco fans alike, this is perfect stocking stuffer. Much sexier than that damn cucumber you got stuck down your leisure pants. And, it’s never too soon to start that holiday shopping.

Chromeo DJs the Monolith VIP pre-party Friday night, September 11, with Hottub and Natural Selection at Moe’s (next to the Gothic) and performs at Monolith on Sunday, September 13 at 8:45pm on the Southern Comfort Stage.

Check out the !K7 microsite,, which features a 15-minute stream of the DJ-KiCKS album, a free MP3 and video interview with Dave 1 and P-Thugg in their hometown of Montreal. You’ll learn fun facts, like how they started out selling didgeridoos out of the trunk of their car and that Dave 1 actually didn’t know much about electronic music until he worked in a record store. Who knew?

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