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Radio 4 – Electrify

From the first time I got an earful of Radio 4 at 15th Street Tavern, I was hooked. The group continually moved up the dial since our interview with Anthony Roman, Radio 4’s vocalist, bassist, and part-time keyboardist, and the proprietor of “Somethin’ Else” record store in New York, although the band takes the underwater subway ride to their homestown of Brooklyn. During the writing of this review I heard their song “Dance To The Underground” coming from my television. Anthony’s distinct vocals and their dance punk swing had also hooked Mistubishi, who is using their song in the Galant commercial.


They’ve also been signed to Astralwerks, who released this remix CD of a few Gotham hits while they play in the studio with Max Hayes (Primal Scream, Doves) to work on new material for their actual label debut to be released later this year.

Artists recruited to this dance project range from DFA, who puts a housey, Latin, keyboard groove on the instrumental mix of “Dance to the Underground”, to Prance from The Faint, who delivers chunky guitar licks whipped and peaked into a signature synth pop delicacy, complete with tubular chime topping. Justin Robertson throws together a kitchen sink collage of bongos, ‘80s electro, and modern day twists on “Start a Fire”, while Adrian Sherwoos and Mark Stewart’s Mutant Disco Vocal Mix of “Stuggle” takes you to the depths of the subway, prior to the billion dollar renovation and removal of New York’s gritty graffiti.

Every one of these tracks should be on the play list for DJs at Hi-Dive, Lipgloss, and other hipster hangouts. Hear that guys and gals? Radio 4 also appeared in this year’s Warren Miller film “Journey”, and one can only expect that when their new stuff hits the shelves, more and more will be tuning in.


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